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  1. The members shall have only user rights of the facilities of the club, as per the terms and conditions of membership/rules and regulations framed from time to time, without any lien on the property and assets of The United Club.
  2. The management reserves the rights of the club. Any person seeking the club membership may be admitted, subject to approval of his/her application by the management and their decision shall be final in this regard. All membership charges are either one time or annual charges. These shall not be construed as any form of deposit with the club. Once the member is accepted, no refunds are applicable.
  3. The membership is open to persons above 18 years of age only. The facilities may be used by the members/ their spouses, children and guests while being accompanied by the members. Members wishing their dependent children to use the club un-accompanied, shall obtain identity card for such dependants by making a formal written request.
  4. The management may suspend/cancel/terminate the membership of any member in case of any misconduct and or in-discipline or an act committed by the member or his/her dependants/ which in view of the club’s management is detrimental to club’s interest and the decision of the management in this regard shall be final and binding on such member.
  5. The management reserves the right to change/ alter/ amend any member admission fees, annual charges, subscriptions rates and charges of the services at the club at their discretion at any time without notice.
  6. In case of any injury and/ or loss/ damage sustained by any member and/ or his/ their spouse/ dependants/ guests/ attendants in the “The United Club” premises, the management shall not be liable for any damages/claims.
  7. The club reserves the right to apply certain limited restrictions for any reason whatsoever, or in exceptional circumstances, and the services may not be available. When this occurs the management will endeavor to give advance notice but there will be no liability whatsoever on the management in this regard
  8. Any member bringing guests to the club must enter their names as also his name in the guest book. Guest charges will be charged as applicable
  9. In addition to above, the club reserves the right to formulate and enforce rules in the interest of the club, from time to time and members shall be liable to comply with them